About us

El-Björn AB is a company in the Construction and Electrical industry. At "El-Björn" we develop, manufacture and market complete solutions for Power, Lighting and Climate for temporary installations.

Our customers are primarily in construction, rental companies and in industry. We reach them through dealers, wholesalers and building suppliers. Our customers are professional users and the primary markets targeted are Europe, the Nordic countries and the Baltic States. A significant proportion of El-Björn's turnover is exports, divided into different markets.

The parent company in the group is El-Björn International AB and the following subsidiaries are included in the group El-Björn AB, El-Björn AS, El-Björn Oy and El-Björn Ltd.

The headquarters, manufacturing and warehouse are located in Anderstorp, in the middle of Småland, Sweden. This is a good location from a logistical point of view with regard to the European market which can be reached within 2-3 days.