Power to build the future

See the film about El-Björn

See the film about El-Björn

El-Björn has been supplying people and temporary work places with the right power, light and climate since 1954 and we are still moving ahead. We supply power in the right form, when and where you need it, sustainably and by using resources efficiently.

We are committed to working hard for the long term, to ensure that you always get the best and that our products deliver what they promise. Our southern Swedish roots and our long experience give us a solid foundation for developing the solutions of the future with you.


We develop and manufacture complete solutions for supplying industry, construction sites and events with the right power where it is needed.

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We light up the darkness by making temporary work places into light, safe and reassuring environments, regardless of the weather, season and conditions.


El-Björn is a partner to the construction sector and industry in general, supplying products for heating, drying, dehumidification and air filtration.

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We have now added El-Björn Connect to this range. This delivers digital services to improve productivity and allow better process control.

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We supply to

Construction industry

Today’s construction projects require safe, reliable and sustainable energy in the form of power, light and the right climate. Our range of products provides a complete system that has been developed alongside the construction industry to deliver the best performance.


Organizing a successful event can involve many challenges. Bringing together the world elite, visitors, the press and media for a short period also creates high expectations for a positive experience. We supply temporary infrastructure equipment that ensures safety, reliability and comfort.

Hire industry

The Hire Industry is one of the most competitive markets to supply, however at El-Björn we know that the most prized attribute a product can offer is longevity and reliability, coupled with un rivalled pre-sales and post-sales assistance. That is why all El-Björn products come a 3 or 5 year warranty and our staff are always on hand to offer technical assistance. Be it Power, Light or Climate El-Björn can support you when you need it.

We want you to relax

More than 60 years of innovation and hard work have made us a very competent supplier of products and systems. This is not just about supplying power, light and climate safely, but also involves sustainability, energy saving and lean thinking.

Rely on us. Our know-how and products assure you of a high-quality solution that gives you time for other things. Our goal is to let you relax.