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How does air conditioning work?
Air conditioning
 is the process of cooling the temperature of an area or environment by driving hot air out of the environment or by cooling the hot air and recirculating cold air.

There are many different types of air conditioning units for domestic and commercial uses. Some businesses that are in temporary environments hire air conditioning units as opposed to having a potentially expensive permanent unit fixed. However, many air conditioning units for hire can cater to short, medium or long term hiring periods.

In warmer countries, air conditioning units are almost exclusively used to cool environments to the correct temperature. However in the UK, air conditioning for hire is used to both cool but also to heat as well. With temperate climates around the UK, there can be a range of temperatures throughout a week so having an air conditioning unit for hire that can cater to both heating, maintaining and cooling temperatures is ideal.

Different environments may require less or more power. This primarily comes down to the size of the environment, how often it is being used and what is located in the environment. For example a small workshop in an industrial warehouse may require a different unit to that of a busy office with 30+ workers.

When hiring air conditioning there are a wide variety of factors you may need to consider to find the best solution for you. If you are considering hiring an air conditioning unit, you can enquire with El-Bjorn to find a best solution for you by filling in our enquiry form  at bottom of page.


What environments need what type of Air Conditioning Units?
The commercial applications for air conditioning units extend from the office to the building site, from the data centre to the gymnasium. With many different square footage that air conditioning units can cover, the applications are endless.

Different types of air conditioning can deal with different scenarios with temperature, humidity and volume of area playing a big part in the selection of air conditioning unit.

In addition to this, different geographical location will affect your environment. In the south of the United Kingdom for example in London, Sussex, Surrey and Essex, temperatures and humidity may be more favourable than cities in the north such as Leeds and Manchester.

For commercial usage, air conditioning will ideally be easy to use, easy to install and powerful enough for the environment. When hiring air conditioning units you may need to consider a few factors.


What to look out for when hiring air conditioning units

  • Coverage - Make sure that you roughly know the size of your room or area that you require air conditioning for hire so that you get the perfect output for your environment.
  • Ventilation - Different units require varying amounts of ventilation, with some units even requiring an external hose.
  • Power Supply - Make sure you don’t get caught out with the incorrect power supply, especially with commercial air conditioning units.
  • Condensation - Air conditioning can create condensation, make sure that your hire unit includes air condensate removal or you have a solution to deal with condensation.
  • Water Supply - Some cooling air conditioning units require either a continuous water supply or have a water tank to help cool.

What are the different types of Air Conditioning Units?

Different air conditioning units for hire will suit different environments and cooling requirements. There are three main types of air conditioning units that are perfect for hire.

Mobile or Portable Air Conditioning Units
Portable Air Conditioning units do not require any mounting or complicated set up, perfect for those wishing to hire air conditioning for short to medium periods of time. Some portable units require discharge flexible air pipes to be routed through a window or wall to drive hot air out of the environment. 

Due to the portability of these units, they are not quite as powerful as some of the other units but offer a lot of power for the size and are a very common choice for a lot of different environments.

Water Cooled Split Air Conditioning Unit
Split air conditioning units consist of two components which are connected by a cable and pipes in which the refrigerant flows to and from the internal and external components.

Many water cooled split units come with a remote control and that combined with a heat pump means that internal areas are efficiently climate controlled. Split units can be really effective at programming specific temperatures at specific times as well as protecting indoor areas from outdoor pollutants with built in air purification options.

Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioning
Instead of using a refrigerant to draw the warm air, evaporative air conditioning units use water and a powerful fan to cool the environment. Using the natural water evaporation process, cooling quickly but also adding humidity to the air. Unlike other air conditioners, evaporative coolers don’t need an exhaust or ducting to drive out the warmer air, making it a great option to hire.

Many evaporative coolers have a large tank capacity, oscillating fans with varying power and often come on wheels for portability. Some larger units may have the option for continuous water supply that eliminates the need to keep refilling the tank if usage is high.

How to Install & Hire Air Conditioning Units

How to Install Hire Air Conditioning Units?

Luckily for many air conditioning units for hire, portability is a main priority, so mobile air conditioning units are used. These have tank capacities (eliminating the need for continuous water supply) as well as different ranges for area size.

For some of the water cooled split air conditioning units or hose air conditioning units, installation can be slightly more tricky. Some air conditioning units require a water supply to the unit which will mean connecting a host to a water supply. In addition to this, some air conditioning units require ventilation in the form of hoses or ducts that need to be tracked to fresh or outside air. This can cause some issues for office buildings or data centres where water is a potential hazard or where ventilation is an issue.

However for those environments, there are efficient and effective solutions to keep your space cool and conditioned.


How to hire Air Conditioning Units?

At El-Bjorn we are offering a wide range of air conditioning units for hire for commercial operations in the UK. We offer Portable Air Conditioning, Compact Hose Air Conditioning, Water Cooled Split Air Conditioning and Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioning units for hire.

To hire your Air Conditioning Unit, please enquire in the form below detailing your requirements and any additional information where our hire team will then be in touch with you.

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