Making the construction process sustainable

El-Björn Connect is the digital platform that monitors, enables proactive energy management and identifies the energy drains on construction sites.
El-Björn Connect provides the foundation for long-term improvement. It gives you easy access to consumption figures for the entire project as well as individual circuit metering. The alert features and online access help to safeguard the energy supply to the project, as well as simplifying troubleshooting if there is a problem. This provides opportunities to increase productivity through better planning, preventive action, continuous improvement and process optimization, which lead to lower energy use and lower overall costs.

El-Björn Connect benefits customer in three ways:

What does Connect do?

Data gathering

Monitors processes, collects data for analysis and provides the foundation for continuous improvement.

Data visualization

The dashboard visualizes processes in real time and gives a current overview of specific projects.


Alerts for critical functions and values to safeguard processes. Alerts can be sent by email, SMS or to the dashboard.

Remote control

Proactive control for increased process reliability and lower energy use.


Reports provide the basis for analysing long-term improvement of working methods, dimensioning and power output.

Watch our video about Connect

This just takes a few minutes and explains in a straightforward way how Connect works.

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El-Björn has a team that specializes in connecting the construction industry and developing Connect services in collaboration with our partners. We will be happy to help you get started with Connect on your project. Contact our team directly or send them a message here. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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