Energy Control

Control energy use on your project

By measuring and controlling energy consumption on a project you can meet new demands for the construction process. We have developed solutions to help the industry meet growing demands for sustainable, fossil-free construction. The first step is to connect the construction site online and monitor energy consumption in real time. 


You get easy access to consumption data for the entire project or for individual parts of the project. The alarm function and online access help to safeguard the energy supply to the project, as well as simplifying troubleshooting if there is a stoppage or power loss. We can monitor electricity consumption in the range 10–1000 A.


Energy Control services
• Energy consumption kWh
• Power kW instantaneous / minute, hour, day, week, month or year
• Voltage V per phase / between phases
• Current A per phase / distribution between phases


12 months connection to cloud service

• Alarm
• Monitoring
• Measurement
• Energy reporting

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