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Laundry drying solutions

Sun and wind are best for drying laundry, but when the weather is less than optimal we need help in order to mimic the natural drying process. El-Björn Dry is a range of products for drying clothes and textiles, suitable for all needs and environments. We’ve developed products that use efficient heat pump technology to achieve the most gentle and sustainable solution. We know it works and we know it’s sustainable. With our laundry drying products, you’ll never have to depend on the weather. 
Next best after nature.

Drying rooms

A drying room is an unbeatable solution when large amounts of clothes need drying. It has high capacity and dries the clothes without subjecting them to mechanical wear or high temperatures.


Drying cabinets

A drying cabinet is a practical solution if you have limited space or only small amounts of clothing to dry. The drying process is fast, efficient and gentle on clothes.


News about El-Björn Dry

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It only takes a few minutes and explains in a simple way how El-Björn Dry works.

We supply to

Building sites

In our climate, construction site cabins need a drying room for quick and efficient drying of wet work clothes.

Preschools and schools

Children who play outdoors in all weathers need dry clothes and shoes. We know how to equip small spaces with optimal drying solutions.


We can provide optimal products for apartment buildings or private properties, tailored to your drying needs and the available space.

We’re always happy to help

Do you need a drying solution for a laundry room, a public facility or a construction site cabin? We can suggest a solution with the right dimensions for your needs. Contact us. We will be happy to help.