About drying rooms

The best solution for drying laundry

A drying room is the optimal solution for laundry rooms in apartment blocks, and it’s no secret that El-Björn loves drying room solutions. A drying room is efficient, has a large capacity and is easy to hang clothes in. It dries the laundry without mechanical wear or high temperatures that risk damaging the fabric. A drying room is easy to keep clean, and is also an excellent solution for drying unwashed clothes. The drying room can be completely tailored to the space available and to your needs regarding drying time and energy efficiency.




First of all you need a room; an area for installing your drying room. A suitable size is 2–25 m², and it must be possible to close all openings such as doors and windows. There needs to be an electrical connection – either 230V or 400V depending on the type of dehumidifier you choose. It must also be possible to conduct water away from the dehumidifier.

2. A drying room dehumidifier

The dehumidifier is the heart of the system, providing heat and air flow and removing moisture from the laundry. The choice of dehumidifier will depend on the size of the room and your needs in terms of capacity and drying time. The A 75F is suitable for small drying rooms measuring between 2 m² and 10 m². The A 155F is suitable for drying rooms measuring 8 m² and upwards.

3. Good air circulation

The air circulation in the room is essential for heat distribution and dehumidification. The dehumidifiers have integrated fans. However, supplementary circulation fans must be installed in the room to optimise the drying process. These fans are controlled via the dehumidifier and distribute heat in the room to create an even drying process. Moreover, the air flow in the room speeds up water removal from the clothes and shortens the drying time. El-Björn recommends one circulation fan per 5 m².

4. Control of the dehumidifier

The dehumidifier is controlled via a timer or via the humidity level in the room. To start and terminate the drying cycle, a start/stop function is needed. This function is controlled either via a timer or a humidity sensor.

5. Hanging system

A line set or a pipe system is needed for hanging the clothes in the drying room. The line set consists of double lines that create space between the garments, facilitating air circulation and speeding up the drying process. The pipe system is connected to the dehumidifier and spreads heat into the room via its channels. The pipes also function as a hanging system. Their rounded shape creates space between the clothing for faster drying and prevents the formation of creases.

We’re always happy to help

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