El-Björn Solution

Powered by your needs

We offer temporary electrical solutions for power, lighting and climate control, designed entirely around your needs. Whether you’re in construction, manufacturing or the events business, we have the experience to figure out the best solution to your challenging electrical supply requirements.

Solutions on the right scale

El-Björn’s product experts are always available to provide ongoing support. Once we know what you need, we’ll help you calculate the exact scope of your project and propose a solution on the right scale. Drawing on our wide selection of available products for POWER, LIGHTING and CLIMATE CONTROL, we’ll put together a proposal that works for you. 


Our customers enjoy access to the El-Björn Academy, a training programme designed to ensure that product knowledge filters all the way down from us to the end users. Learn how to use our products and how to combine them into sustainable, energy-efficient package solutions.


We’re connecting the construction industry through digital services to boost productivity and improve process control. The aim is to cut energy consumption dramatically and reduce the overall cost of projects that need a temporary electrical supply. Our customers enjoy full access to the entire Connect programme.

Spare parts and consumables

Our products are designed with sustainability in mind and have a long lifespan. To help users of El-Björn products keep them in tip-top condition and extend their useful life, we carry a wide selection of consumables and spare parts for product servicing and repairs. Our sales staff can help you find the right supplies for your products.

One-stop shop for your long-term needs