Our entire range of Energy products have been designed with a focus on environmental friendliness, while maintaining maximum quality & efficiency. We have a comprehensive fleet of temperature control equipment, including highly efficient, eco-friendly portable Chillers, for all applications from air conditioning to process cooling, along with a range of highly efficient Boilers for domestic hot water and heating projects, district energy management, or space/event & warehouse heating when combined with our range of Air Handling Units.

All available for immediate hire across the UK.

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Why choose El-Björn?

At El-Björn we are fully focused on our products being characterised by the greatest possible safety, quality and functionality. Providing solutions to companies in: Construction, Facilities Management, Healthcare & NHS, Education, Manufacturing, Events, Storage & Distribution, Office & Retail, Airports, Hotels, Hvac & Building Services.

Through our knowledge and technology we strive to offer the most efficient and effective solution for every problem: Short, Medium & Long Term Hire, Emergency & Pre-Planned works, Seasonal Requirements, Project Design, Installation to De-Install Management, Same Day & Next Day Delivery.

We offer a wide range of items for hire including: Air Conditioning For Hire, Heaters For Hire, Drying Room Equipment For Hire, Monitoring systems.