Register your product

You can register your product for your guarantee here

To validate El-Björn’s 3-year or 5-year guarantee you need to fill in the form below. When you have done this, click on the submit button and we will send confirmation of the details entered below to your registered e-mail address. In the event of a claim you need to attach copies of your purchase receipt for the product and the confirmation e-mail for registration to El-Björn.

Warranty conditions

El-Björns products and deliveries are regulated by Standard Agreement NL 09. Under these provisions, El-Björn is responsible for faults arising within one year after delivery.

The provisions of NL 09 also apply for professional parties who register according to the form, although with the following modification: El-Björn is liable for faults arising within five years after delivery (only applicable to products registered on the website). In other respects, the provisions of NL 09 apply.

To obtain this extended warranty, you must register within 14 days after purchasing the products.

Excluding this extended warranty are all light sources.